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I thought of making a blog for my mom who is an advocate of breastfeeding. Mama is a medical doctor who recently retired. She worked in government and was connected with the Department of Health here in the Philippines. Although retired, Mama still shares her expertise through counselling and seminars with the Arugaan community headed by Ms. Innes Fernandez.

Mama admits she does not know how to use the computer but it will not be a detriment because I can put all her views and insights here in the blog.

My mothers name is Lester Saguiguit Lora. She hails from Batac Ilocos Norte and took up medicine in UP. Mama, as I fondly call her, retired about two years ago and still remains active in breastfeeding work. Not that I also advocate breastfeeding, but I do learn a lot reading and hearing from her instructional materials. (Although, I think I can be an advocate for breast-feeding and not breastfeeding -pun intended).

I consider mama as a superwoman. She is intelligent and smart and at the same time is very good in cooking. I like very much her pinakbet.

I do hope this blog can share some insights for mothers here in the country especially facts on breastfeeding. Since I am new to blogging, I hope to improve as 2007 moves on. The catch about this blog is that Mama does not know I registered a blog for her.



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  1. Dr. Lora is so lucky to have a son like you! God bless you with more positive energies to continue your mission!!! CHEERS!!!

    Nanay Nona

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