House Bill 00642

An Act Establishing and Maintaining Lactation Stations in Workplaces



Personal Comment:

There are two factors affecting the establishment of Lactation Units in the workplace. Basing on my study, the unacceptability and acceptability by management and workers will affect the operation of the unit. The House Bill 00642 is nice if we think of health concerns but doubts on the operation of the functionality of the unit may have some negative repercussions. I hope I will have the chance to discuss my studies to enlighten you further. Hence, there is no problem in establishing the Lactation Units but several factors can affect the functionality.


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  1. iskumbro said

    Thanks for your inputs…I am sure several factors need sto be considered,
    and I would strat saying there is a need to motivate and support women in
    maintaining BF, even after work.

    I would think that will be great if we can lobby for the bill to pass,
    and eventually work out with factories and companies on how to establish
    such friendly workplaces… we have had some experience already with the
    Unions and the Employers …

    Keep in touch

    alex iellamo

    (savebabies coalition)

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