Breastfeeding Links

Here are some links interesting and amusing breastfeeding links in the net:

Babble has a beautiful essay this week called “Breast Friends.” The author describes her experience cross-nursing. She and a friend feed each other’s kids, making them “milk-siblings.” And another one too still on cross-nursing:,,1983501,00.html

Can men breastfeed? This short video, Milk Men, claims that they can. Watch and judge for yourself.

Breastfeeding Photos is a blog devoted to breastfeeding photographs. You can supposedly post your own.

Two more breastfeeding blogs: Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother focuses on “breastfeeding, homebirth, mothering and attachment parenting.”

Mocha Milk is written by Micky who describes herself as “A fierce brown-skinned mama on a mission to impact the health and wellness of the African-American community through breastfeeding awareness and support.”

And finally, the Celebrity Baby Blog has a post about an article in Us Weekly about breastfeeding celebrities.

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