Joey Velasco 2009 Calendars

Joey Velasco 2009 Calendars

Joey Velasco is a social-realist artist. He possesses a profound sensitivity to the human drama. He touches the mystery of God in what is otherwise ugly and mundane.

His paintings are a momentary peek into eternity, a passing moment that captures the meaning of ordinary life in all its grandeur. The human soul finds genuine rest in the love of the Almighty. Hope beats with courage again. I call it inspiration; and we all need it.

Joey acknowledges that his profoundest gain from the Salesians is acquiring a heart for the poor. Having given some of his best years to the apostolate in the Don Bosco Youth Centers, he has never forgotten the faces of poverty and uncertainty that stared back at him. His paintings in oil convey messages of life-giving especially to the unfortunate.

I purposely placed the sample pictures of the paintings of Joey Velasco in my blog in order to sell it online especially among the people in the provinces or outside the country who are interested with the 2009 set.

Thank you very much!



  1. joan said

    i love his works! 🙂

    • iskumbro said

      hello joanne,

      Joey velasco is holding an exhibit right now at National Kidney and Transplant Institute Hospital.
      If you are near the place, you can drop by and see his oil paintings.

  2. rhenelle said

    where can i get poster repros of his works? thanks

  3. iskumbro said

    hi rhenelle,

    the exhibit at National Kidney and Transplant Institute hospital will run up to friday Feb. 13. andun si joey velasco himself. If you are far, you can get in touch with me on how to get the poster – reprints?


  4. Kiersten said

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  5. Mary Jane Trinkus said

    I live in the USA. Is there a way to purchase the Mr. Velasco’s calendar and some of his prints?
    Thank you,
    Mary Jane

  6. marc gutierrez said

    he is a genius!,iam a painter also in naga city cam.sur,

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