How Formula Advertisements Try to Fool New Parents

Defend the Code

While the WHO code is an honorable attempt to let all parents know how beneficial breastfeeding is to the littlest members of our society, there is one problem with the code: it is nearly impossible to enforce. Companies like Nestle have been charged with breaking the code on numerous instances, and there are no consequences for their behavior. Countries signing to the code seem unable to hold companies accountable for their aggressive advertising schemes on behalf of formula products.

This is why the new formula brewing kitchen appliance put out by Nestle is raising so much criticism. It’s not that some parents won’t find the machine useful or that Nestle has no right to explore new forms of technology. The problem is that they don’t have the right to mislead parents into thinking machines like this are better for their babies than breast milk.

The best thing parents can do is defend the WHO code by refusing to use formula products in their household. You cannot control what other parents are feeding their babies, but you can make sure you give your baby the healthiest feeding options. This is always going to be breast milk created by your own body, not by a percolating machine in the kitchen!

The more parents are informed of the health benefits of breastfeeding, the more they will be able to see through the heavy marketing tactics of companies like Nestle. Parents who are informed are much less likely to put the profit of a company ahead of the health of their babies.

Self-Create…Don’t Percolate!

While no one wants to stomp on advancing technology, it is important that parents see through the gimmicks currently coming out in the artificial formula market. Nestle may very well find parents who choose to bottle feed for their own reasons and convince them that they need to pay an outrageous price for formula pods and a formula brewing machine. What Nestle should not be allowed to do is convince unsuspecting parents that they should switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding because of these conveniences.

There are definitely advantages to breastfeeding that no technology can beat. The comfort of knowing the food you put into your little one’s mouth is protecting them from illness is far more important than being able to quickly percolate a warm bottle along with your morning coffee. In fact, there is nothing faster than propping your breast up for your baby to feed from. Your natural milk is always ready to go…no percolating necessary! An Online Breastfeeding Magazine with tips and support for new moms.


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