How Formula Advertisements Try to Fool New Parents

Gimmicks won’t do your baby any good, but formula
advertisements will try anything to fool you into not breastfeeding.

You get up early in the morning, wrap yourself in a warm robe, and make yourself to the kitchen. You turn on a small kitchen appliance and pour in some water. Minutes later you don’t have a cup of coffee to wake yourself up, but a warm bottle of formula to nourish the baby starting to cry down the hall. This is the picture Nestle hopes you will see as desirable as they start to roll out a new formula maker that operates on pods much like a coffee maker.

This is only one example of the way some manufacturers are now catering to parents who prefer to bottle feed. Since there are many such parents around the world this may not seem like a big deal, but there is harm in marketing formula as the best way to feed an infant. All parents need to know the truth about artificial formulas and breast milk, so they can make decisions that protect the health and well being of their babies.

Know the Code

So many parents do not realize that there is an active code sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) advocating the health and safety of breastfeeding. This code specifies that all companies signing onto the code stop advertising and promoting artificial infant formulas. There will always be people who want or need to use these formulas for their own reasons, but the advertisement of formula sends the wrong message to unsuspecting parents. It makes them feel that bottle feeding with formula is preferred, more convenient, or even more damaging, just as good as breastfeeding.

There is clear evidence that breast milk is far superior to artificial infant formula. A mother’s milk protects a baby from illness, disease and infection in a powerful way. No matter what advancements are made in the formula industry, there is no way for an artificial product to mimic the health protections that are passed between a mother and her baby through natural breast milk.

There are some formula companies that advertise in a manner that seems to say “our formula is just as natural and wholesome as breast milk.” This is deceptive, since there are protections offered through breast milk that simply cannot come through an artificial formula.


Thanks to An Online Breastfeeding Magazine with tips and support for new moms.


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