Breastfeeding Shouldn’t Hurt

Feeding your new little baby shouldn’t hurt. In fact, if there is any pain at all, this is a sign that your baby isn’t breastfeeding properly.

Take you infant off the breast – by putting your finger in your baby’s mouth and breaking the seal between her tongue and the roof of her mouth – and try again. (Do not just pull the baby off…that will hurt!) If you carry on feeding while you are hurting, you are very likely to end up with very sore nipples. (Ouch!)

If your baby starts to feed almost immediately after latching on, this is a good sign that she’s done it properly. Her feeding pattern should change from a few short, quick sucks to slow deep ones. While breastfeeding, she will probably pause a few times to catch her breath or rest. She will then start sucking again without you having to coax her into starting again.


thanks to latching on magazine (ron)


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